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Prayer Is You And God
Since much of the population are considered "youth" it's essential to have an intentional and effective
youth ministry.   Not only are we bringing them the Good News of Christ, but in turn we're shaping the
future leaders of the nation.  To do this successfully, we take a multi-directional approach.  This is why
we have ministries within school and church settings but also on the streets and in the villages themselves.

According to the census, over
92% of the population consider themselves "Christian"...
However, this statistic is very misleading.  First off, only adults fill out census forms. Therefore, since
youth make up a HUGE segment of society,  this statistic doesn't accurately reflect the population.
Secondly, we've found that most youth don't know basic Bible stories-- nevertheless surrendered their
lives to Christ.  The spiritual lineage we've found most common is that Grandma had a genuine faith, Mom
acknowledges God because Grandma did, but the kids are completely lost.  This means that even though
statistics show "
92%" of the island as Christian, we're actually only one generation away (15-20 years)
from Grenada being a completely godless nation.
Half the households in Grenada are single parent homes.  In fact, many Grenadians consider their
country to be a "fatherless society".  That said, it's particularly hard for them to relate to God as their
dad.  They understand His role as a creator but have difficulty seeing Him as a close loving provider.
Many Grenadians live in extreme poverty.  A large aspect of us "being Christ-like" is helping
those around us meet their basic needs in life.  However, we want to be a blessing to our
community without creating a culture of dependence.
Grenada is a world leader for all the wrong reasons: Alcohol Consumption, Poverty, Sex Assault, etc...
Though statistics and rankings change over time, the people those numbers represented remain.  Our
desire is for Grenadians to have a true and meaningful relationship with their Dad in Heaven. A
relationship that results in freedom and healing from the effects of these dreadful experiences.
What an honor that God's chosen us to be His world-changers!
Our prayers usher in His will, on earth as it is in Heaven.
When we don't pray, we allow darkness to have it's way.
-Gerry Keens-Douglas
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